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Sugary Fitness Drinks

Question: “After a gym session I re-hydrate with a fitness drink which has quite a bit of sugar in it. But now all the research is saying sugar is the enemy. What should I be drinking?”

Answer: It is a bitter pill to swallow since we are all so

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Put on weight since university?

Question: “I have put on a weight since I started university thanks to my student diet of pasta bakes and alcohol. I don’t want to become a calorie counter but how can I get fast weight loss results?”

Answer: A lot of students gain weight and you

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How to strengthen your neck muscles

Question: “I love cycling but it is starting to give me neck pain. What can I do to strengthen my neck muscles?”

Answer: Cycling is great exercise but you do need to use a bike which is the right frame size for you and with the seat at the right

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Maintaining your Beach Body!

When I come back from holiday I am lean and muscled because I walk everywhere – often with a backpack.  How can I maintain the look while back ‘in the real world’?

It is interesting how a complete change in your daily routine – even if it

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Best exercises to aid sleep

I have real trouble getting to sleep at night. What kind of exercise would help me get better quality shut-eye?

There could be any number of reasons why you are struggling to sleep so it makes sense to go to your GP to check for any underlying

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Feeling self-conscious

Many people worry about exercising in front of others and I think it is the responsibility of gym staff to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable when working out.

We all have our own capabilities and fitness goals and the only person you

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Exercises for 40’s plus

Well done for making the decision to take control of your fitness. It is never too late to get fit and if you put in the effort you will reap a lot of health benefits as far as your waistlines, blood pressure, cholesterol and energy levels are

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Parents VS Teenager Fitness

This is a situation many parents will recognise and it can be tricky to negotiate.

You are right to approach this with caution, but if you can help her think positively about fitness now, when she is young, you will be giving her a gift that should

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Post Baby Exercise

It is easy to forget mum when a baby comes along and steals all the attention! But the happier and healthier a mother is, the happier the whole family will be.

Take things slowly and be subtle. Why not make a regular date to go out together for a

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