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Sugary Fitness Drinks

Question: “After a gym session I re-hydrate with a fitness drink which has quite a bit of sugar in it. But now all the research is saying sugar is the enemy. What should I be drinking?”

Answer: It is a bitter pill to swallow since we are all so

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Put on weight since university?

Question: “I have put on a weight since I started university thanks to my student diet of pasta bakes and alcohol. I don’t want to become a calorie counter but how can I get fast weight loss results?”

Answer: A lot of students gain weight and you

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Strong Bones

What kind of exercises can I do to keep my bones strong?

Many people exercise regularly to keep their weight in check and their muscles defined, but of course exercise can do so much more for our bodies and minds. Regular exercise can boost our

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Wine and Weightloss

How bad are a few glasses of wine a week for my weight loss plans?

Alcohol delivers nothing in terms of nutritional value, it is calorific and, as we all know, one can easily lead to two and three. So drinking can easily unpick your good intentions.

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Is Clean Eating Achievable?

What is clean eating and is it achievable for a ‘normal’ person with a busy lifestyle?

Clean eating has become a bit of a buzz phrase but it isn’t faddish – it is basically just sensible, healthy eating which is achievable for most people

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