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How to strengthen your neck muscles

Question: “I love cycling but it is starting to give me neck pain. What can I do to strengthen my neck muscles?”

Answer: Cycling is great exercise but you do need to use a bike which is the right frame size for you and with the seat at the right

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Which exercise class should I take?

Which exercise class should I take to achieve a long, lean look?

Pilates is ideal for lengthening the muscle and you’d be surprised how effective daily stretching is too, for improving the posture, flexibility and mobility.

Pilates has been around

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Lunch Break Workouts

I am a regular at the gym in my lunch breaks but I don’t work as hard as I should. What class would you recommend to get me sweating, but to leave me time to freshen up afterwards?

If you can come to Simply Gym on your lunch breaks you should join

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Rowing machine benefits

The rowing machine is one of the best all-round pieces of kit you will find in the gym and using it properly can yield many great results.

Because it requires the use of so many of the major muscle groups it is a good way to raise the heart rate and

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